Tumeric dyed cowl photo 1 aHi, my name is Summer Edwards. I’m the founder and principal storyteller of Social Impact Stories. Over the last decade I have cultivated a career in social impact, working with grassroots organisations engaged in the work of social change. I have worked in China, in projects across the Asia Pacific region, as well as in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities within Australia. My work has supported grassroots projects to understand, analyse and learn from their social impact using qualitative social research and evaluation methods. Employing these methods to improve the projects I worked with, and to deepen their social impact.


The storytelling potential of social impact

Knowing your impact is only half of the story. For a social enterprise, community organisation or socially-minded business, you need to be connecting with an audience of true fans- to support you financially- as you engage in the important work of social change. Knowing your impact is valuable, but the real power lies in the storytelling potential of your work.

For a social enterprise engaged in the work of social change, knowing your impact and then communicating it to your audience enables you to connect with your donors or customers on a deeply empathetic level. Human beings are social creatures and the power of storytelling transports us into another person’s world, creating a sense of connection, and inspiring empathy and action.

The power of storytelling to inspire connection and lead to action has a neuro-biological basis which is beautifully illustrated in this video:

A well told story has the power to deeply connect your donors and customers to the work that you do. It can invest your audience in the outcomes of your work and create a customer base of true fans. A well told story can literally inspire your audience to financially support your work.

But far too many social enterprises struggle to tell their story. Caught up in the work of social change, they lack the time needed to capture and communicate the powerful story of their work. But how well you tell your story can mean the difference between a social enterprise that is struggling to survive and one that is financially sustainable. It is my mission to harness the power of storytelling so that you can be financially sustainable. To allow you to continue your work and deepen your impact. To help you connect to your customers on an empathetic level and inspire their ongoing support for your work.

In recent years I have assisted brands working for social and environmental change in the fashion industry to tell their stories through my sustainable lifestyle blog tortoise & lady grey. Social Impact Stories takes this work further, bringing together services in evaluation and social impact analysis with content marketing and storytelling.

Harness the power of your social impact stories

If you are a social enterprise or brand working for social and/or environmental impact, I can assist you to harness the storytelling potential of your work, allowing you to develop a customer base or audience that resonates with your social impact story and supports your mission.

Social Impact Stories can help you understand and document your impact, better communicate your stories of social change to your audience or to grant-makers, and leverage your social impact to foster new and deeper customer relationships.

We can harness the power of your story by:

  • Using evaluation/applied research methods to capture and document qualitative case studies and evidence of impact
  • Using evaluative thinking to understand what works, improve your program and deepen your impact
  • Drafting reports and funding applications and writing content for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Harnessing the storytelling potential of case studies and photography to tell powerful stories of impact for website content, blogging and social media

Having been engaged in the work of social impact for a decade, I know that your budget is limited. I can offer a range services tailored to your needs to ensure you get the greatest impact for your investment. Visit the Services page for more detailed information about how we can work together.

If your work is living Ghandi’s ideal “Be the change you want to see in the world” then let’s make sure the world can see it. Let’s make sure your story is told.