Social Impact Stories offers a range of services to enable you to capture, understand and learn from the social impacts of your projects, and effectively communicate your social impact story.

Our services assist you to deepen your social impact and secure financial support for your work. We offer tailored service packages to meet the unique needs and budget of your organisation, whether you be a small start-up social enterprise or a large NGO.

Services include:

  • Development of basic evaluation tools and training to support you to complete your own social impact analysis
  • Designing and undertaking social impact evaluation, including qualitative case study interviews, quantitative surveys and reporting
  • Program team training and advisory services support you to understand what works, promote continuous program learning and deepen your social impact
  • Drafting reports and funding applications for government and philanthropic donors
  • Writing content for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Developing your digital content strategy, including the best social media platforms to connect with your target audience
  • Harnessing the storytelling potential of case studies and photography to tell powerful stories of impact for website content, blogging and social media

To discuss how we could tailor our work to your unique organisation, please arrange a time for a free 30 minute consultation using the contact form below.

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